Tuesday, 2 June 2015

An Interview with ... Sam Bantick

35 starts.
18 goals.
26 assists.

Whatever level of football, that is an amazing season.

Well that's what Sam Bantick did in the 2014/2015 for Brentwood Town.  Once Brentwood manager Adam Flanagan moved onto Concord Rangers to replace the departed Danny Cowley, Sam's impressive form made him a cert to join Adam at Concord.

As Sam gears himself up for pre-season training with Concord, I asked him what was the main reason he joined the Beach Boys

"I think the main reason I signed for Concord was I worked with Adam (Flanners) last season, and I've just had my best season in football with him.  I think in football all you want is an honest manager with a passion for winning games and he's definitely got both of those.
Concord seems like a really ambitious football club with good things happening there all the time, and everyone has been really welcoming."

So what can the Concord fans expect from you, what kind of player are you?

I like to play on either wing, I'm not really fussed as to what side.  My real strengths are that I'm always direct and positive, looking to make things happen.
I also like playing behind the front man in the number 10 role, but Flanners will probably disagree with that!

What do you feel you can add to this Concord team?

It's hard to say what I could add to the team as it could take time, I just like getting the ball to feet and being able to get at my man, so hopefully assists and goals!
Let me just say, If I'm on the pitch I will try to make something positive happen, and that's a promise!!

I like it...good positive stuff! So who were your idols growing up, who do you base your game on?

Definitely Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, they were both unbelievable players, who could always make an impact in the game even when they were playing bad.

Do you see yourself as a combination of those two?

Haha I wished, if I was a combination of those two I would be playing in the Premier League!  I just like to think that whenever I'm involved in the game, I'm looking to make a positive impact and that's probably the only similarity.

You had a great season at Brentwood last year, how difficult was it to leave?

God yeah leaving Brentwood was a really hard decision to make.  The bond we had in that changing room got us through the season, some of the football we played at times wasn't pretty to say the least, but I think our team spirit won us a lot of games.  However saying all that, joining Concord is a massive opportunity for me and everyone at the club understands that and have all been really good about it.

Would you have joined Concord, if Adam Flanagan was not in charge?

Yes I probably would have still joined, even if Flanners didn't get the job.  Concord play in a higher league than Brentwood and I've always said I want to try and play as high as possible.  Like I said earlier Concord are a really ambitious club with huge potential and a lot of good people at the club....I'm just buzzing for the season to start now!

That's great to hear, what about away from football, is there anything else you like doing?

I like to think I can play a bit of golf, but I'm a fair weather golfer who only plays when the weather's decent.

Not very often then, in this country! So what is your handicap then?

Well it used to be 14, but I just hadn't played for a long time so it's probably something like 28 now!!

Did you have any nicknames at Brentwood ... keep it clean please!

Well obviously there is "Bano" and sometimes I get called "Brains" as well.

Is that ironic or are you really clever?

I definitely consider myself brainy, but most of the boys at Brentwood would disagree haha!

Young, hungry, positive, looking to improve.  Sam appears the identikit Concord Rangers player.  2015/2016 could be a great season for Sam Bantick and Concord Rangers.

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