Saturday, 27 June 2015

An Interview with ... Gary Ewers

I caught up with Gary Ewers before pre-season training started for Concord Rangers, to try and find out what he does at the club, apart from being a wind-up merchant.  I don't think I really found out, but I did find out who he likes to wind up!

When did you first get involved with Concord Rangers?

About 8 years ago I joined Concord Rangers from East Thurrock United as a central midfielder, I was known as the English Maradona and I scored on my debut.

Where had you played previously, a little birdie tells me that "you were decent"?

I played in the old Ryman Division 1 for many years with Great Wakering Rovers, alongside Danny "Elbows" Scopes and Danny "The Nose" Heale.

What is your role at the club now, what is it you actually do?

Who knows! I'm supposed to be the kit-man I think.

During your time at the club, who has been the best player you've seen?

There have been a number of good players that I've seen throughout my time at Concord, I would say that Lyle Taylor was the best.

How about the worst?

Definitely Michael Hood aka Ricky Gervais

Everyone I speak to, says you're a bit of a joker.  What is the best prank you've played on someone?

I'm unable to tell you about some of the pranks that I have done in the past, as it could potentially get me arrested in the morning.

Haha...With pre-season training starting up, what for you is the benefit of wearing bin-bags during training?

I wanted to lose a bit of weight so I improvised and use a bin-bag.  WOW did I sweat, it was like a tsunami when I took my top off.

What does being part of the Concord Rangers set up mean to you?

The club  has got so many people that dedicate their lives to keep on improving our special little football club.  The person I have so much respect for is Jayne, she works her little socks off day in, day out, and I'm sure she has sold her house and moved into the club, as she is always there.

What has been your greatest experience whilst being involved with Concord Rangers, what thing do you look back on and I was proud to be part of that?

My whole time at Concord has been amazing, I have so many great memories, but the one that sticks out more than anything is the play off final against Lowestoft Town.  I will never forget running on the pitch at the end of the match celebrating with all the players, backroom staff and our supporters...what a day, and oh yeah what a night too....

Going back to being a bit of a joker, who is the easiest person to wind up at the club?

I do love a wind up, especially with our gay physio, he keeps on lying about some girl that he is dating, but anyone can pull off a picture from a well know social media site and say "This is my girlfriend" Michael Hood does it every week.

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