Thursday, 4 June 2015

An Interview with ... Jayne Sisley (aka Jayney Moobag!)

I've spent the last six months interviewing Concord Rangers players, coaches and the Chairman but this is the one you've all wanted to read about.

Jayne Sisley is the soul and heartbeat of the club, especially on a match day.  You won't believe how much she does on a Saturday.

I was warned before the interview by Jayne herself that she talks too much, and she didn't disappoint.

I started off our interview and asked Jayne how she got involved with the club.

I used to watch my son play for the under 7's then one day we were mucking around in the bar, and I went behind the bar, to do an impression of Peggy Mitchell.  I must of been good, because the next day I got offered a job as a barmaid....I hadn't worked behind a bar in my life, but I gave it a go.
I ended up being barmaid for seven years, then the bar manager got sacked for doing naughty things and Ant offered me the job as club manageress.  I never forget his words "if you're the 3rd person I catch doing naughty things, I will find you and break your legs.  So do you want the job?!" I've now been manageress for the last seven years, and I still have my own legs haha

What for you is the best part of being involved with Concord Rangers?

Oh the best part without a doubt is the people; my bar staff, players, management, supporters...even the Chairman...sometimes.  They all are the most funniest, kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet.

Dare I ask the worst?

Oh god, it's losing a player or management to other clubs.  It's just not about football.  We all become very close, and great friends.  It's hard not to get upset.

So all those years ago when you joined the football club, could you imagine that the team would progress so far?

We all knew this club was going places, but when you're part of it, you don't realise how far we actually have come until you sit back and really think about it.

How has your role changed as the club has got bigger?

Well I used to just wash the kit, make sandwiches and chuck them in the changing rooms in the Essex Senior League days, now I pretty much run the bars, club and team LOL! I just do my best to make the players, managers lives easier. I get told off for spoiling them, but I can't help it.  They're my boys and I love them.

So give me a timeline of a normal home match it up, leave no stone un-turned!

9am - I go to the supermarket and get all the food and bits for the day.

10am - Get to the ground

11am-1pm - Myself, Coral, Ewers, Miki, Dan and Nick just have a laugh doing stupid things like seeing who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth at once.  I won that one. Lol.

Once the marshmallow competition has finished??

Then I'm cooking from then on.  Making sure the ref's, away team and committee are all welcomed.  Then I'm trying to find socks, pants and boots that the players have lost.  Basically all you hear on match day is people calling my name!

445pm - The players and committee all come in for their food.

6pm - I get the hall cleared up, ready for the people who have booked the it for the evening.  Then I start all over again.  I normally get home around 130am.

I don't actually get to see much of the game, but I do try and run out when we score!

Do you ever give the chairman and manager any advice about football matters...if so have they ever listened?

Haha! Dan would often ask me to pick a team, but I would pick players who had the nicest legs etc...he never took my advice.  Can't think why!

If you were manager, what ex-player would you bring back to the club?

Hmmm...If I was manager I would love to bring back Lyle Taylor.  He was such a cutie.  Bit stroppy at times but a real sweetheart.  Brilliant footballer, and we are all so proud of him now.

Are the players generally a nice bunch? Can they be troublesome?

Every single player who I've seen come through the club for the last 14 years have been lovely.  There's not one I can say that was bad. If there was he would not fit in. End of.
The most troublesome of them all isn't a player, it's my mate Gary Ewers.  He is the funniest man ever.  We have had such a laugh over the years and I hope we continue too, over the coming years.

What do you do away from the football club to unwind?

When I'm not at the club I'm the club! Because we have a function hall, which is booked out every weekend I have other people to look after as well.  I like to make sure they have the best party ever.
Given the chance I will go shopping, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer a girl up!

At a party, George Clooney and Brad Pitt walk through the door.  What one do you pick?

Brad Pitt.  Definitely. X

Sorry I went on a bit.  This club is my baby.  I'm very proud to be a "beachgirl".

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