Wednesday, 18 March 2015

An Interview with ... Ricky Evans

Ricky Evans is currently ranked 51st in the PDC Order of Merit, and is known for his incredible dart throwing speed.  I sat down and chatted with Ricky, to ask about his playing style and his hopes for the future...

You're known for your quick throwing speed, taking only 5 seconds to throw 3 darts.  Have you ever considered slowing down?

Believe it or not I have actually slowed down quite a bit from when I was 16/17.  I was even faster then.  Sometimes though I do think about slowing down, but then again I know how well I can play throwing rapid:-)

How about when you're playing slower players though, does your game suffer?

Slower players used to affect me, but I've grown up now and respected other people's throws and how long they take.  It's all part of the game at the end of the day.

Are you rapid in everything you you have a girlfriend?  Does this affect her haha!?!

I wish haha! Mrs Evans is nowhere to be seen, put in a good word for me will ya!

What would your ideal Mrs Evans look like - Katy Perry? Mila Kunis? Kelly Brook? 

I'm a huge fan of the walk-on girl Daniella Allfree (feel free to hook us up lol!), end of the day personality is key.

I'll try my best!! What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, apart from dreaming about Daniella?

I love playing snooker and pool, probably play too much to be honest.  Also I sometimes go travelling to watch some events around the UK.

Fancy yourself as a snooker player then, what's your highest break? 

My highest break is something like 27.  I'm always good for a shot and a safety, one of my good friends Kyren Wilson is a professional player, and I like watching him play.
I also love my music, my iPod must be the most randomest selection of tunes you could listen to.

Go on then, tell me the last 3 tunes played on your iPod?

Beautiful South - Perfect 10
Frank Wilson - Do I Love You
Showaddywaddy - Rama lama Ding Dong

That is shocking, especially the last one!!

I like any kind of music, I'm rather handy in a music quiz I am.

Music quiz man hey...answer these three then?

Who sang 'I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter'?


Who had a 1995 hit with 'Boombastic'?


'I Won't Give Up' is a 2012 hit single by who?

Jason Mraz

They were horrendously easy mate!

F**k it..., let's move on.  What kind of films and TV do you like?

I collect comedy dvds, I have quite a large collection.  I love a bit of Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell.

Let's get back to the darts.  How are you playing this year?  You had a good run in the UK Open, is the key for you to qualify for as many tournaments as you can?

Yes definitely, I wanna be back at Ally Pally obviously and get to a few European Events, but my main target is to still have a Tour card at the end of the year, as it's gonna be tough.

How do you find playing on the floor?

I enjoy it, but not as much as I enjoy the big stage.  The lights, the atmosphere and the adrenaline pumping, makes me play properly.

What kind of playing atmosphere do you prefer?  The BDO with the best of order, or the PDC with the football style crowds?

I love atmosphere, but sometimes it's good to have a bit of hush.

Who are your best friends in darts?

I'd like to think I have a few to be honest, people like James Richardson and Kevin McDine I've known for years, and there's "Team Nevada" who are all legends, Ben Ward, Stephen Bunting, Jim Walker and David Pallett.

Who were your idols growing up?

I enjoyed watching Wayne Mardle and Darryl Fitton as they were pure entertainment.  My idol, no doubt is my old man Ian, he basically taught me how to play and learn how to take defeat and practise.

That's nice to hear, let's end up with you giving me one word answers to describe some of the players. Here we go...

Phil Taylor?

Michael Van Gerwen?

Gary Anderson?

Adrian Lewis?

And finally....Ricky Evans


There you have it, he's probably the fastest player out there and is a real star of the future.  But to make Ricky Evans truly happy, he needs the love of a good woman. Daniella Allfree if you're reading this please get in touch with Ricky!

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