Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Book Review ... The Last Days of Disco by David F. Ross

Through working with @bytheminsport, I've got to know the author and I didn't realise he was such a talented wordsmith!

Let's make two things clear, I'm neither Scottish or grew up in the era the book is set.  However David's excellent story telling and use of characters made me feel that I knew all the protagonists involved.

I had already had an eye-opener to the Scottish language when reading Irvine Welsh's novels, but that was a long time ago.  Being as David see's me as a "Danny Dyer" kind of character, I was steeling myself for being baffled by the language in the book.  However through the story, it's easy to read and understand as a dumb cockney!

There are genuine laugh out loud moments in the book, which epitomise the author's sense of humour.  Conversely there are also heartfelt moments in the book, especially the letters from the Falklands are beautifully written, and capture the needlessness of that war.

David also uses his vast knowledge of music to interweave some cracking tunes into the storyline, and as being a budding DJ's helper in my teens, the disco moments in the book, took me right back to those times.  The incessant need to get the crowd dancing battling with the want to play music you liked!

This book comes highly recommended, I was captivated throughout, and couldn't wait to turn the page.

Well done David!

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